Breeding & Our Current Litter

At Bitter Sweet Mastiffs we offer progeny from our pure bred breeding program. We provide truly quality puppies.

The health of any pure bred animal is of the utmost importance. We health test & focus on assuring health in our puppies. We can not stress this enough.

Mastiffs are so large they are prone to health problems especially:

We also use pedigrees to do pre-health checks to ensure we have standout dogs.  We use the greco & briarcreek lines as they are very well know and have great attributes. Of course they are raised in a family setting & exposed to children from day one & have a ton of human interaction. We feel it is very important to socialize these dogs from the time they are mobile as it helps develop their sense of confidence & you have better well rounded dogs that don't panic & have a really good disposition.

I start the potty training process & introduce them to basic commands, this is just a start in the process & we fully expect our families to continue working with them on this. We also introduce potty training & basic commands at week six.

Our prices vary but typically range from $1800 for females to $2000 for males. We also offer a $200 spay/neuter discount to our pet only families. With the discount you will only receive a limited registration from AKC.

Who is Available:

Bittersweet's Diamond in the Rockz Litter sired by Sherwood's Sergio












Our Newest Litter



 We use the AKC standard to compare to and show to ensure our family members are continuing the tradition of excellence within this breed. All of our puppies come with a two year health guarantee, AKC registration packet, and a pet food packet complete with; coupons, a list of your puppies vaccination and vet history, along with mine and their contact information, and of course our support whenever it may be needed. Socialization for this breed is paramount to ensure there is not a 200 lb mass dragging you through the park, or your neighbor yard- I encourage a basic obedience class to anyone who purchases a puppy from me so at a reasonable weight you can establish the lines of communication with your new furry bundle of joy! (A link to the contact is provided) Link to MCOA, AKC,  where you can find open obedience classes in your area)