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About Bittersweet Lane Mastiffs

About Bittersweet Lane Mastiffs

Our first love was a 25-pound beautiful bubbling baby girl she had the richest apricot color and the most wonderful disposition; her face was priceless full of wrinkles and expression and her paws were enormous. She had the best disposition, so sweet and loving; a dream come true. The small bundle of joy quickly doubled and then tripled in size to become our loyal lady who you can find basking in the sun under her favorite tree or laying next to me sharing the bed, floor, or anything she can manage to fit into! Those moments are what have brought us to share our passion with other families. We go to great lengths to provide you with the best companion. It starts at the very first step in our program and continues throughout life. We strive to start everyone out with the best foot forward by ensuring your puppy’s parents have the best genetics and are a sound and structurally correct representation of the breed and carry themselves with the correct disposition. We have based our vision on the American Kennel Club's description and use the show ring to help clarify. My favorite description is well know but I feel it still applies; “What the Lion is to The Cat- the Mastiff is to the Dog, the noblest of the family; he stands alone, and all other sink before him. His courage does not exceed his temper and generosity, and in attachment he equals the kindest of his race.” Cynographia Britannica- 1800  

We use many methods to achieve the “look” we are trying to attain, we also utilize health testing as a tool to ensure that each has the brightest future possible. All sires and dams used in our program are health tested by organizations such as OFA, OptiGen, PennHIP, as well as DNA markers. We test for the following; Hip, Elbows, Cardiac, Patella’s, Thyroid, CMR, PRA , Cystinuria and any other developing issue- to help prevent and encourage a healthy breed. With that said all breeds are prone to health conditions. We at Bittersweet take our role in trying to eliminate future problems very serious. We do not encourage the breeding of any animals without the knowledge and care that is necessary to complete this mission. 

Our Founder

Angela Dinneen & Ruby

My name is Angela Dinneen I have had a passion for animals since I was young; it began by feeding every stray in the neighborhood and nursing them all to health, I knew then I was destined to help animals and people.

In many ways, I am achieving that goal - I raise English Mastiffs with the goal of providing amazing companions that are healthy members of their new families. With my background in animal science, I have continued to grow my knowledge of genetics and animal husbandry to compliment my goal of providing families with these gentle giants- my first goal is to provide healthy, true representations of this breed, which includes our goals of bettering this breed with  structurally correct, gentle character, and loyal companion.

I strive to give each family the support they need in raising the new member of their family, by always leaving my door open whatever the question may be!

Contact Us

Angela Dineen

7101 Biggert Rd

London, Oh 43140


Email - A_dinneen@yahoo.com

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